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Haunted by Honor


Nothing dampens romance like being haunted by a ghost.  Just ask Dr. Maggie Callahan, a spunky Civil War historian, falling for Paul Pembroke, the sexy renovation expert restoring her antebellum home. Maggie’s blossoming romance with Paul is tested by the ghost of a murdered Confederate soldier wrongly accused of desertion who vows to haunt Maggie until his good name is restored. To secure a lasting love, Maggie and Paul must prove the soldier’s innocence and overcome family ties with the murderer to uncover an old secret that reveals love, not honor, has the final word.

I will not rest until the truth of my death is known. Though it pains me to say it, I will not allow you to rest either. You will be haunted by honor until the day mine has been restored.

The ghost of James Aaron Wentworth, III

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