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The electronic version of my books are available exclusively on Amazon. If (like me!) you prefer the look, smell and feel of a physical book, click on the link below or find me on Amazon.

Haunted by Honor

ISBN: 9781732929517

Nothing dampens romance like being haunted by a ghost.  Just ask Dr. Maggie Callahan, a spunky Civil War historian, falling for Paul Pembroke, the sexy, smart renovation expert restoring her antebellum home. Maggie’s blossoming romance with Paul is tested by the ghost of a murdered Confederate soldier wrongly accused of desertion who vows to haunt Maggie until his good name is restored. To secure a lasting love, Maggie and Paul must prove the soldier’s innocence and overcome family ties with the murderer to uncover an old secret that reveals love, not honor, has the final word.

Sarah's Way

ISBN: 9781732929500

Nineteen-year-old Sarah Brewer and her younger brother, Jake, are torn between two worlds – that of their deceased mother, a Cherokee, and their father, a Scottish immigrant. A daughter of the Cherokee Wild Potato Clan, Sarah swears to protect the land. But in 1838, during the nation’s first gold rush, the death of their father puts Sarah and Jake at risk of losing everything on the Trail of Tears. Sarah knows the only way to ensure their freedom and save their North Georgia farm is to marry a white man. But not just any man will do. Sarah spurns her father’s choice and sets her sights on Young Hartman, a lawyer and miner with a proven sense of social justice. Sarah’s way is filled with danger, the heart ache of loss and the joy found in the love of a lifetime.

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